BrainSport Extreme


Sokoban, now more difficult than ever


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The legendary game Sokoban, in which you push boxes to their proper places, has found a satisfying continuation brought to you by the same bright minds: BrainSport Extreme.

BrainSport Extreme has 100 levels, all of which are extremely difficult. To play, you'll have to move boxes just like in Sokoban, only now you can only move them forward or sideways, but never backwards.

The squares where you want to put the boxes are marked with a clover, and those you have to move are marked with a red X. Once the box is in the right place, it turns green - but don't be fooled, since one box can have more than one correct placement.

If a level is too difficult, you can change the level so long as you've earned enough coins from solving other puzzles.

BrainSport Extreme is one of the most challenging puzzle games you can play. No installation is needed, so to save your game, just open it from the same PC to continue from where you left off.
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